It all started when...

I was in my first year of teaching, and I was integrating all kinds of technological tools to explore how to improve my teaching and the students' learning.

The kids loved the tech because it was so interactive, motivating, and engaging. I loved the tech because it gave me really useful data on how to help my students, and I could not get over how engaged they were. I knew I had to develop a comprehensive program and bring it to parents whose children needed a boost to start liking math or needed to take math beyond what they got in the classroom.

So, fast forward 4 years later: The tutoring program was up and running, and I needed a space for group classes. My wife and I started up a learning centre in Cabbagetown and added robotics and coding workshops/camps to round out our STEM focus (science, tech, engineering, math).

It's clear that the world is becoming more focused on integrating tech and robotics into every day life - we want to give kids a leg up in this digital world we now inhabit.

What do we bring to the table?

  • We're certified teachers with diverse experience in the STEM field.
  • We've invested in fantastic tech to enable kids to projects real engineers would do.
  • We keep a low student to tech ratio to make sure they get plenty of hands-on time.

Please join us on this adventure of learning and growth!