Does tutoring have to be forever?

Signing up for a service like tutoring can be intimidating for some. I often get asked by parents: does tutoring have to be forever? 

No. Tutoring does not have to be forever. 

The vast breadth of the math curriculum in Ontario means that students almost always have some weak points in their math knowledge. So while your child might not need  help in all areas of math; they may need help with their different "weak points" before these start to interfere with other parts of their learning. For example:

  1. Ashley understands very well how to measure perimeter and area of objects, but her difficulties with decimals are hindering her ability to excel in her grade 4 math class during the measurement unit. Her confidence falls quickly and she feels like she's "bad" at perimeter. 
  2. Trevor has difficulty remembering how to "borrow" when subtracting, year after year. He struggles with subtraction because he doesn't understand how borrowing works. His computational errors cause him problems in other units and skew his test marks. 

What we like to call "Spot Treatment" is a great way for tutors to help children to brush up on their math skills in a particular topic of math. 

Spot Treatment means that we step in to hone in on the "weak point" in your child's learning. After having identified it, we can then help them understand the fundamental math concept that they are having trouble understanding, using manipulatives, drawings, and one-on-one attention. Then, your child will have time to practice and apply his or her new understanding to help them build up their confidence again. Then it's done. No hassle, no mess. Just Spot Treatment tutoring: here when you need us and gone when your child is back on track. 

No hassle, no mess. Spot Treatment tutoring: here when you need us and gone when your child is back on track. 

Try Spot Treatment. And use the other weeks for different types of learning, down time, or- most importantly - family time. <3

- Team Thorious

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