4 Fun Ways to Prevent "Brain Drain" this Summer

4 Fun Ways to Prevent Brain Drain this Summer:

Summer is a great break from school - but it doesn’t have to be a break from learning. In fact, a bit of summer learning can make for a great head-start in September!

Gamefied Math Practice

Gamefied Math Practice

1. Prodigy Math

A game that integrates math problems - kids LOVE it. I’ve seen a classroom of 20 student elect to play math games as their reward on the last day of school. 
Pros: Free. Extremely motivating and entertaining.
Website: www.prodigymathgame.com


Khan Academy Screenshot

Khan Academy Screenshot

2. Khan Academy

Solve math problems correctly to win points. Use points to level up to upgrade your avatar. Kids practice math problems until they "master" them, at which point, the program offers them harder and harder problems to solve.
Pros: Free. Videos and "hints" to explain concepts to kids - for when you don't know how to help, or you are tied up with something else. 
Website: www.khanacademy.com

3. DIY Projects

Give them a hands on project to do to apply their knowledge! For example, if your child studied perimeter this year, give them a glue gun, some popsicle sticks from Dollarama, and a ruler, and ask them to build a birdhouse with a specific perimeter. 
Pros: Being creative and working through mistakes builds resilience. 


4.  Look at the report card

As a teacher, I really value the sometimes neglected "Learning Skills" section of the report card. Take a look at the feedback presented in this section - your child's teacher has spent a lot of time with him/her, and there might be some worthwhile tips in there!


What are YOUR fun tips for enriching your child's summer? Leave a comment below! 

About the author: Wassim is a teacher in Toronto, and when not teaching he enjoys reading, projects, Reddit, and learning.