How to get your kid to do anything

Applied Behaviour Analysis & Kids

This past year, we've had a fellow with a degree in Applied Behaviour Analysis visit our school. This guy is a pro at shaping behaviour. Since his visits, I've been modifying entire classes' behaviours. The kids are getting ready for learning faster, focusing longer, and participating better than ever before. Kids that completely refuse to do work have been lighting up when they see my at the door and hustling over to do some reading.

The most encouraging change out of all this has been that they have been less likely to give up. How important is that? All the head honchos in education are promoting resilience as the key to success. It's pretty rewarding to see the changes happening.

Now that I've gotten really good at implementing this process in school with 5-9 year olds, I'm starting to think how I can apply this to my work with high schoolers.

The common problem I see with the high schoolers I tutor is that they aren't that great at breaking down what is necessary to complete their work, and end up doing it poorly last minute or not at all.

I'm still doing some research, but so far I'm thinking of setting up a system for them to track their work and break it down. Where the reward happens and what form it takes is still undetermined. Once I figure that out, I'll be setting up a pilot program for a couple of kids to see how it works and can be improved. I'm stoked to be getting closer to a solution to this problem. Stay tuned to find out more!