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The problem

I’ve met my fair share of frustrated parents who aren't sure how to help their kids succeed in math. I've grown a collection of strategies to end homework battles, discouragement, and make math rewarding again.

If you're having a hard time believing this, give me the benefit of the doubt for now - I just had a student go from hating math to voluntarily doing math homework on Friday night. His mom was shocked at the turn around, and that it only took 3 classes. Students need to experience success to become independent, and that's what I provide them with.

Your child can experience the same turnaround with some proven strategies used by certified teachers and behaviour modification experts.

I'm not just going to give you strategies - I'll tell you exactly how to implement them to maximize success.

Take a minute to read the roadblocks to success below. This will help me give you just the right info to get started.

The solutions

There are some very basic things that a student needs in order to succeed. Have a quick read and think about which apply to your child. This step will help us narrow down the causes of your child's frustrations and difficulties.

Here are some critical elements required for math success:

  • Practice! How regularly does your child do math outside of school?
  • Test-taking skills. Does your child understand concepts but not do well on tests?
  • Assignment tracking. Do "surprise" assignments pop up once in a while and get completed from 8pm to 1am?Does your child track due dates and test dates?
  • Time budgeting. Does your child have an idea of how long certain assignments take?
  • Regular work habits. Does your child have a routine for doing work? (specific time, place, and rituals)
  • Attention span. Is your child's focus fleeting? It's hard to get work done when attention jumps from math to siblings downstairs to sirens outside to the TV in the living room. 
  • Discouragement. If a student hates math, improvement is impossible. This is the same thing that gets grown ups to quit the gym in February/March.
  • Math beliefs. A student needs to believe that they can do math. Has "I was never good at math" or "I'm not a math person" ever been uttered in your home? That sentiment will completely block progress.
  • A solid foundation. Math is a subject that builds on itself - a weak foundation makes the whole structure weak. 

I hope some of these resonated with you - because I've solved these problems time and time again. I'll give you my step by step solutions to get great resolutions that you can implement starting today that will make a noticeable change. Trust me - I've turned things around for dozens of students and I welcome the challenge of helping your child succeed. 

These strategies will take time and effort - there is no quick fix when it comes to changing how the brain works. But I can definitely guarantee that these strategies will work.

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Ready for some solutions? This is the part where you give me the data to tell you where priorities lie and exactly how to implement the strategies for optimal success.

Want a really useful consult? Give me as much info as possible about your child's situation. I'm not sending out any generic replies - each consult is custom and based on the info you provide me.

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About me

My name is Wassim and I'm an experienced certified teacher and math tutor (Ontario College of Teachers, Masters in Teaching). I want to prepare kids for a future where STEM (science, tech, engineering, and math) is more and more dominant. STEM is fun, engaging, and creative - I want kids to experience that firsthand at the Thorious Learning Centre!