Just when we were at our wit’s end about how to help our 9-year-old daughter with Grade 4 Math, we came across Thorious. Our daughter’s tutor quickly assessed her areas for development and after three sessions her test marks improved significantly. Thank you, Thorious.
— Liz

About us

Thorious was started because we realized that the standard tutoring model is outdated and was letting tutees down. Advancements in tech and teaching methods let students have greater success, faster than before.

Our focus isn't just on teaching concepts. We help students develop skills like time management and independence to ensure enduring success long after they've left our care.

How we do it

Anyone can succeed at math - that's our fundamental belief at Thorious. How do we do it?

Certified teachers: Thorious isn't a generic program. It's a framework adapted to each student's needs. The skills of a certified teacher are key to assessing students' strengths and weaknesses and creating an effective custom plan. Certified teachers are pros at shaping skill learning and learning behaviours.

High Tech Approach: Technology is transforming our world, and that includes education. In the hands of our pros, the tools increase student engagement and make practice so much more effective. It's scientifically proven!

The Focus: Our priorities are always to increase confidence, foster independence and instill a growth mindset. Content is only a part of the game - we focus on your child's learning skills to make them an independent learner. You'll know we've succeeded when your child actually looks forward to doing math.

Programs & Details

Private Classes

  • 1-on-1 instruction with a certified teacher
  • Learning skills development
  • Monthly Progress Reports
  • Basic online support (Grade 9 and up)
  • Contact with student's teacher
  • Weekly homework assignments and analysis
  • $75 per week in-home, $65 at Jet Fuel cafe

Ages: We work with students in grade 3 - 10.

When: Private classes run Mon-Fri (3:30-8:30) and Saturday (9:30-4:30).

Where: In-home and at Jet Fuel café in Cabbagetown.


Getting started

Interested in our math programs? Got questions? Take a minute to drop me a line below! I'll be in touch within a couple hours.

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In a few short months Wassim has been able to restore my daughter’s confidence and renew her love for math with fun, innovative teaching. His patience and encouragement has been a key element to her growth. We are very happy with the results and her progress!
— Mari, parent