Study Skills Bootcamp


what we do

Ever pulled an all nighter in order to finish a project? Crammed for a test during the period before? Always trying to push up your grades with little success? Our study skills training bootcamp will help kids to start the year off on the right foot by teaching them how to track work, make plans and complete their study and work goals.

train your brain

The psychological term for what we are doing is Executive Functioning training. Your executive functioning is your ability to focus, planning actions, and complete goals. It's what allows you to get things done. I guess you can say that we teach kids how to get things done well

who are we? 

High caliber teachers and specialists applying multiple scientifically proven approaches to education. We help students realize what they can actually accomplish, and we actually have a fun time of it. 


DatesAugust 27-30 from 10am-1pm

LocationCentre for Social Innovation - Annex (720 Bathurst St, Toronto)

Please email or use the form below for reservations and questions. 

We can also be reached at 647-223-8997.